One Stop Source

Full Spectrum Solution Provider.

One Stop Source

Full Spectrum Solution Provider.

The leadership team at Dr. Raju’s Pharma Solutions, LLC. (DRRPSL) has provided technical guidance to the pharmaceutical Industry for more than 20 years.
We are the wholesale distributors licensed in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
From Contract Research, Custom Synthesis, Formulation & Manufacturing, our network of reputed partners support us effectively for the supply of API and Drug Intermediates for the OTC, ANDA and NDA Drug Development by our Clients.
We ensure timely and cost effective supplies consistently without compromising excellent quality of raw materials and services by using our well established strategic alliances with ethical manufacturers globally in varied markets.
Our Distribution Logistics Partner

Reliable is an independent 3PL recognized for developing cost effective, innovative supply chain solutions for complex logistics requirements in regulated industries.

With over 650,000 total square feet, their 9 Reliable facility locations are dedicated to the secure and proper storage of pharmaceutical products, including prescription and over-the-counter medications, as well as providing services for medical device manufacturers, cosmetics, human and animal health and wellness companies.
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Our trusted partnership with FDA approved manufacturers across the globe enables us to source and supply APIs and drug intermediates to our customers.

About Us

RPS (Dr. Raju’s Pharma Solutions, LLC.) is professionally managed by our CEO, Dr. S.M. Raju, Ph.D. with over three decades of expertise in Drug Discovery, Development (NDA, ANDA & OTC), Supply Chain and Regulatory Affairs. 

Well established relationships and pursuit of a proactive marketing strategy requires a special understanding of the landscape. Through this unique prism, we are able to tackle the ever changing trends of the complex and dynamic pharmaceutical Industry in identifying and supplying niche products of interest to our strategic alliance partners and customers 

RPS is the premiere ‘one source’ for a myriad of Drug Products and Services and our Strategic Alliances with several novel US FDA approved global Drug Manufacturers and End Users further provides a competitive advantage.

RPS is Licensed in many States in the USA as Wholesale Drug Distributors to provide excellent support to our Clients to Import, Stock and Distribute using our associated State of the Art Temperature Controlled VAWD certified Warehousing in strict compliance of Track & Trace legislation.

Our loyalty to our clients and dedication to our esteemed work have proven to be our bedrock principles. We aim to achieve excellence by looking at ways to continuously improve upon our existing deliverables and quality of products offered by keeping cordial relationships and a customer-centric business model at the core of our daily work.

By optimizing communication channels and availing ourselves 24/7/365 we run a tight ship. Our stern principles continue to steer our business objectives whilst our keen attention to detail allows us to dynamically support the advancement of program objectives of our customers.